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Raymond Estefania In South Miami, FL

Thank you for reviewing the website which includes information on Ray Estefania's background and services offered. Mr. Estefania is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Addiction Professional and Certified Intervention Professional. He provides evaluations, drug and alcohol counseling, general psychotherapy, therapeutic and educational consulting, intervention/placement services to adolescents, adults and families. Ray works with individuals suffering from many different mental health problems including depression, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiance, behavioral and addictive disorders.  Mr. Estefania's practice also focuses on individuals who just want to develop more effective life skills, improve relationships or increase their motivation. Ray specializes in evaluation, treatment, intervention and therapeutic placement for individuals suffering from substance use disorders and mental health issues. His expertise can help you or a loved one work through the fear and break free from old negative self patterns of behavior. Over the almost 30 years of his career working with individuals and families, he has helped thousands of patients to break the cycle of self destructive behaviors. It takes much courage to ask for help and with the right guidance and direction, you too can achieve all your goals. If you or someone you care about is not living up to their potential, regardless of the reason, Ray Estefania may be able to help.

A major focus of Ray's practice is helping families intervene and seek help for an adolescent or adult who is in crisis. He is an interventionist and therapeutic consultant who specializes in both adolescent and adult interventions and will travel to help an individual who is in crisis. His experience spans many years working with individuals who may not recognize the problem and need some coaching in order to take the right steps. Ray has been trained in the both the ARISE and Systemic Family Intervention Models.  He has been the Director of two different chemical dependency programs, including South Miami Hospital's Adolescent Program, where he was for 11 years.  He has spent his entire career helping people address issues related to addiction and mental health. A major focus of his practice is evaluating and visiting different programs across the country. His extensive knowledge and experience with programs makes him uniquely qualified to find the best program for you or your loved one. With his experience, you too can find the best program to meet your needs. In addition, the relationships Ray has established with many different programs can help to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Over the span of his career, Mr. Ray Estefania has also been very involved in the prevention of substance abuse and addiction in children.  He has organized and implemented numerous substance abuse prevention programs in both independent and public schools. His role as a consultant to many schools has helped them address the problem of teenage substance abuse. Ray has coached thousands of parents on how to prevent, identify and respond to substance abuse and chemical dependency. In addition, he has been a frequent speaker to schools, parent groups and community organizations and a guest on both television and radio on topics including prevention, parenting, addiction and recovery.

Please call for a free phone consultation. Don't wait any longer because your problems will likely not resolve on their own. Call Ray Estefania and he will set up an appointment to see if he is the best person to help you reach your goals.


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