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Suggested Readings

Get Your Loved One Sober by Robert J. Meyers, PhD and Brenda L. Wolfe, PhD

Parenting Teens With Love and Logic by  Foster Cline and Jim Fay

How to Raise A Drug Free Kid
by Joseph Califano

From Innocence To Entitlement
by Fay and Billings

Parenting From The Inside Out
by D. Siegel

Changing For Good
by Prochaska, Norcross and DiClements

The 10 Basic Principles to Good Parenting
by Larry Steinberg

You and Your Adolescent by Larry Steinberg

Codependent No More by Melody Beattie

Beyond Codependency by Melody Beattie

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen by Adele Faber

The Disease of Addiction by Elwood Bernas

by Katherin Ketchum

Teens Under the Influence by Katherine Ketchum and Nicholas Pace, MD

Helping Your Chemically Dependent Child Recover by Peter Cohen, MD

Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner

Parent Effectiveness Training
by Thomas Gordon

Choices and Consequences
by Dick Schaefer

It Will Never Happen to Me
by Claudia Black, PhD

Parents in Charge
by Dana Chidekel PhD

Parenting For Prevention by David J. Wilmes

Parenting Your Out of Control Teenager
by Scott Sells, PhD

Freeing Someone You Love From Alcohol and Other Drugs by Ronald Rogers and Scott McMillin

The Selfish Brain
by Robert L. Dupont, MD

Love First by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay

Why Kids of All Ages Need to Hear No and Ways Parents Can Say It
by David Walsh, PhD

Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute

Why Do They Act That Way? by David Walsh, PhD

The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute


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